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Association of Africana Studies Majors & MinorsAssociation of Africana Studies Majors & Minors

The mission of the Association of Africana Studies Majors & Minors is to promote the Department of Africana Studies at San Diego State University and advance the discipline in general through cultural activities, programs, conferences and international travel. The organization encourages SDSU students to enroll in Africana Studies courses and consider Africana Studies as a major or minor. Organizational membership is open to any student who are currently enrolled in Africana Studies courses and or is an Africana Studies Major or Minor. However, to hold officers position, you must be an Africana Studies major or minor. For more information, please visit their website.

Afrikan Student UnionAfrikan Student Union (ASU)

The Afrikan Student Union was founded by Dr. Arthur Graham and Judge Napoleon Jones in 1968, as the Black Student Council. Since the time, the name has changed, first to the Black Student Union and later to the Afrikan Student Union. Although the name has changed, the basic premise has remained the same. The Afrikan Student union exists to provide a unified body of Afrikan students on campus in order to aid in satisfying the academic, financial, social, educational, and cultural need of the Afrikan Students attending San Diego State University. The Afrikan Student Union focuses on the collective “WE” over the individual “I”. Please visit their website for more information.

MLK ParadeCenter for Intercultural Relations

The Center for Intercultural Relations researches, designs and implements unique programs that promote the appreciation of cultural diversity and fosters intercultural and cross cultural understanding. They work in conjunction with a number of university departments and colleges to conduct programs related to recruitment, orientation, retention and graduation of underrepresented student populations in addition to academic, personal, professional and cultural development, which foster skills and strategies for being successful at SDSU. Please visit their website for more information.

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